Connected Technology is now a member of The Chain in Port Jefferson

"ConnectedTechnology are pleased to announce that we are now a member of The Chain in Port Jefferson. An acronym for Charity, Humility, Autonomy, Integrity and Networking - the group’s core values - The Chain has been helping build business relationships while giving back to the local community since 2013.

Perceiving a need for something more meaningful and constructive than the occasional drinks mixer or networking breakfast, The Chain’s founders' genuine desire to help others; both in a business context and a charitable one led to the establishment of this respected organization.

As an active member of The Chain, ConnectedTechnology enjoy meeting with other like-minded professionals at bi-weekly networking breakfasts, monthly networking fundraisers, and a day of service. These regular meet-ups enable us to develop mutually beneficial, ongoing relationships with other local organizations - all while helping to make a difference in our community.

ConnectedTechnology believe that by establishing these business relationships we are able to strengthen the services and solutions we offer to you, our clients. The charitable aspect of The Chain also allows us to offer support, funding and assistance to people in the Port Jefferson area who need it most."