About Us

If you’ve ever lost critical files, or have had to wait days on end for IT support to troubleshoot a problem, you’ll know all too well the pain of a less-than-perfect technology infrastructure.

Connected Technology’s mission is to act as the firm you can rely on to bring you reliable, productivity-boosting IT. Our vast experience means you can count on us to support you and your staff for the long haul, whether you operate in finance, manufacturing, healthcare, education or the public sector.

Whatever your needs, we’ll work with your team to ensure you receive the proactive, preventative IT support you need and deserve. Our flat-rate Managed Services will save you money and bring much-needed predictability to your budgeting process, while our wide-ranging expertise means we offer a variety of complementary services to complete your IT requirements.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of truly Connected Technology? We’re standing by to help.