Business Services

While ConnectedCare, CyberCare, DataCare and CloudCare services are the key tenets of our solutions offering to keeping your business running, your IT systems and processes also need to align with how you run your day-to-day business. Connected Technology is proud to provide complimentary Business Services to its core competencies, including: co-managed IT solutions; healthcare security solutions (HIPAA); Video Conferencing and collaboration systems; wireless network assessment; document imaging; E-waste recycling; IP Video Surveillance; Secure Hard Drive Shedding; Access Control; and cost saving telephone systems.

Business Services:

Co-Managed IT Solutions - Streamline IT

If your network is suffering from unreliable IT, and you and your team are frustrated by continuous downtime and outages, a co-managed IT solution could be the answer for you. Connected Technology’s Streamline IT is your co-managed IT solution, giving you the power of cutting-edge IT automation software to enable you to overcome end-user difficulties and make your systems more productive (and more pleasant) to work with.

Streamline IT from Connected Technology works by linking your IT service desk to ours. Your team can enter service requests for assistance with their technology either by opening a ticket or simply sending an email. Once the ticket is opened, your internal IT team decide whether they can deal with the problem themselves, or wishes to escalate it to us for prompt support.

Connected Technology’s Streamline IT solutions offer:

  • Control - you decide when you need our help and when you don’t
  • Ease - our system is designed for end-users and IT staff to navigate with ease
  • Productivity - you’ll save time by prioritizing support requests
  • Expertise - working with us lets you complement your own internal resources

Managing the demands of an internal IT network can be a challenge, even for technology pros. Being able to call on the years of experience of an outsourced partner like Connected Technology allows you to prioritize resources and focus on strategic planning. That’s exactly what StreamlineIT allows you to do.

For more about document imaging and storage efficiency, download our white papers: Why Electronic Document Management?, The Storage Efficiency Guide -- consider removing these!

Organizations also rely on the following business services to keep their productivity levels at peak performance:

  • Wireless Network Cabling and Assessment
  • Hosted email
  • Security al la Cart
    • Security Policy Drafting
    • Penetration Testing
    • Social Engineering Testing
    • Web application vulnerability assessment
    • Security awareness training
    • Document leakage prevention

VoIP Business Services

  • Phone & Conference Solutions
  • High-class telephony at a fraction of the price

An ever-more globalized market means you need enterprise-level telephony solutions that allow you to keep up with the competition, at prices that your small or medium-sized business can afford. VoIP installation from Connected Technology gives you just that, allowing you to reap the benefits of advanced communication techniques tailored to suit the unique situation and circumstances of your company.

Connected Technology’s VoIP solutions are:

  • Economical - allowing you to dramatically slash your phone bill
  • User-friendly - allowing you to eliminate pricey technician visits
  • Convenient - take your calls wherever you go
  • Flexible - with features including voicemail and auto-attendant

With VoIP solutions by Connected Technology on your side, you can enjoy enhanced communication techniques that enable you to stay in touch with colleagues, staff and suppliers, and to take your work with you wherever you need to. You’ll enhance productivity while slashing costs, while driving your business to new heights and greater profits.

Risk Assessment

HIPAA Compliance

As a medical practice, IT poses more of a challenge to you than it does to most organizations - not least because of the extensive regulatory obligations placed on you by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). At Connected Technology we understand this, and our HIPAA Compliance solutions can help you to ensure that you’re always on the right side of the law and always protecting personal patient data.

Connected Technology’s HIPAA Compliance solutions are designed to ensure that your practice both remains secure and avoids breaching HIPAA requirements, the consequences of which can include costly fines, reputational damage and even imprisonment. By engaging our team of technical experts, all well versed in HIPAA regulations, you can give yourself the peace of mind that your organization meets both industry and federal government requirements.

HIPAA Compliance solutions by Connected Technology are:

  • Founded in expertise - we’re specialists in ensuring you meet requirements
  • Tailored to your practice - we’ll suit our solutions to your specific needs
  • Predictable and affordable - pay just one flat monthly rate

Our HIPAA Compliance solutions include cloud backup and data recovery that ensures your sensitive data is protected and can be restored at a moment’s notice even in the event of a disaster. Connected Technology also provides network security audits that enable you to get a fuller picture of your IT positioning, as well as comprehensive managed services that outsource all of your worries to us for one flat monthly rate. We will give you the benefit of proactive support, and the reassurance that you’re always in compliance with HIPAA regulations.