CyberSecurity Monitoring & Mitigation

Give your business the protection it needs

IT is central to your business’s performance and its continued success, but using it exposes your networks to a plethora of security threats. CyberCare from Connected Technology can help you combat the variety of vulnerabilities your company faces every day - including phishing, viruses and malware - and ensure that you remain compliant with government and industry regulatory requirements.

CyberCare is a comprehensive security solution for small and medium-sized businesses that helps to thwart cyber attacks and data leaks before they happen, and provide effective response in the event of a breach. Our team of experts craft security solutions that fully protect you from an increasing number of threats, and give you the peace of mind to stop worrying about security and instead get back to business as usual.

Connected Technology’s CyberCare solution provides:

  • Protection of customer and company data from outside threats
  • PCI-compliant credit card data handling
  • Threat and virus screening in the cloud, before they reach your network
  • Protection of your valuable internal data from leaks

Your daily business use of the internet - critical to your operations - leaves your organization vulnerable to security breaches and damage. CyberCare by Connected Technology provides comprehensive protection for your systems, to avert disruption by thwarting threats before a predator can find a way in.