Business Continuity & Backup

Fully managed safeguarding for your vital information

Data is at the heart of your business operations - without your most critical information, you would likely struggle to keep your doors open. Yet if you rely solely on traditional backup methods like tape and disk, you are not doing enough to safeguard your business. In order to allow you to recover data quickly in the event of a disaster, and keep downtime to an absolute minimum, you need a comprehensive Data Backup solution. That’s exactly what DataCare from Connected Technology provides.

DataCare is a secure Data Backup solution that uses state-of-the-art software and robust infrastructure to provide your business with an enterprise-class online computer backup service that ensures you can access files quickly, so you can get up and running quickly after any type of service outage. We’ve helped local businesses in the aftermath of events as high-scale as Hurricane Sandy, and we can help keep your organization safe in the future too.

Connected Technology’s DataCare solution:

  • Is the easiest way to protect your data
  • Offers complete data restoration following disaster, theft or loss
  • Eliminates the potential for errors with traditional backups
  • Provides encrypted, compressed data backups from the start
  • Uses incremental backup in order to optimize bandwidth usage

Your company needs reliable Data Backup assistance in order to be sure that you always have your business-critical information at your fingertips. Your survival depends on it - and that’s why DataCare by Connected Technology is the solution for you.