Document Management

Simplify access to your company’s electronic documents

Documents are at the heart of your business, allowing you to make effective decisions, plan strategically, and drive productivity and business growth. But properly managing documents can be a challenge, and can end up keeping you away from your real job for too long. Imaging solutions from Connected Technology allow you and your team to create, access, manage, control and distribute electronic documents with just a few clicks of your mouse.

EZdocs® Imaging solutions from Connected Technology allow you to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Search documents effectively
  • Reduce storage costs
  • Quickly retrieve documents

In the US alone, there are currently four trillion paper documents, growing at a rate of 22% per year. Lost documents can cost your business dearly, meaning you need an Imaging solution you can rely on to keep your documents within easy reach. The average company spends up to $220 in labor costs to reproduce a lost document; avoid the expense, stress and business disruption with Connected Technology’s help.