Today, libraries are increasingly being redefined as places to get unrestricted access to information in many formats and from many sources. Modern libraries are understood as extending beyond their brick and mortar to include material that is accessed via electronic means, and by providing assistance in navigating and analyzing tremendous amounts of knowledge with a variety of digital tools including subscription databases and the internet.

To support and protect those valuable resources, Connected Technology provides a variety of solutions that meet the needs of today’s libraries and library networks. Services include local and wide area network topologies; internet and telephone systems; and deployment and maintenance of computer systems and peripherals; as well as technical support, internet filtering and storage. Connected Technology also provides document imaging, archival security and document sharing services so library administrators can ensure the security and availability of books, videos and other desired materials to loan to members.

Better Internet Performance with Network Composer by Cymphonix

Public internet access PCs and wireless connectivity leave your Internet connection exposed to bandwidth hogs. Because of its ease-of-use and budget-fitting price, Network Composer is the proven leader in delivering bandwidth management controls for libraries. Cymphonix makes it easy for libraries to control how much bandwidth is allocated to groups of users, applications and even websites. Whether you're trying to overcome the frustrations of the 3:15pm crowd or simply securing your network from threats, Network Composer provides you with all the capabilities you need to control your internet connection.

Segment Your Network: Separate your staff's internet resources from public PCs and wireless - so you always have the fast connection you need.

Reserve Bandwidth for Research: Don't let the patrons that are doing real research online suffer. With Network Composer you can easily provide research-focused websites and applications the bandwidth they need.

Limit the Impact of Recreational Browsing: Limit the bandwidth available to resource-consuming sites like YouTube and Facebook so they can't impact important traffic. Network Composer can control resource-consuming sites and applications so that they slow down when more important traffic needs to pass through.

Stop Spyware Infections - and Easily Clean Infected Machines: Network Composer blocks spyware before it can be downloaded onto your equipment and cleans PCs with just one click!

CIPA Compliant: Network Composer also makes you CIPA compliant - providing you with full content-filtering capabilities for underage patrons. With one click you can easily protect patrons from objectionable content.