Property Management

As both consumers and real estate professionals take to the web in ever greater numbers, new technologies are increasingly being deployed to find, buy, sell, and market property. Today’s consumers are increasingly seeking larger quantities of information, sent by agents faster than ever before, over a number of hand-held wireless devices. The ability for real estate professionals to communicate effectively and quickly with clients is critical to client satisfaction and your ability to win new business.

Connected Technology provides a variety of solutions that meet the needs of today’s real estate agents and brokers. Services include document imaging, archival security and document sharing services, internet filtering and storage. Connected Technology also provides local and wide area network topologies, internet and telephone systems, and technical support, so real estate professionals can ensure the security and availability of available properties for sale or rental.

Property Management solutions from Connected Technology include:

  • Support for remote workers
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • IP Phones and Unified Communications systems
  • CRM integration
  • Site-to-site phone systems for phone bill savings
  • Lowered communication costs with enhanced features
  • Web site development
  • IT support services
  • Email setup and hosting
  • Networking
  • Antivirus and security
  • Backup and DR solutions