Small & Medium Businesses

Whether you are starting or expanding a business in the tri-state area, communication is fundamental to effective business practice. In this day of emerging technologies, it is vital for your business to stay up to date with current trends.

Discover how Connected Technology can help your company’s technology needs while you stay focused on your business. We provide a variety of solutions that can help you with telecommunications, wireless services, computer networking, network security, remote access and Virtual Private Networks (VPN), internet safeguards, and data storage. Being connected is good business, so let Connected Technology help your business connect to succeed.

  • Unified Communications/IP Telephony
  • Storage and Data Management Solutions
  • Backup, Disaster Recovery and High Availability Solutions
  • Websites
  • Content Filtering
  • Employee Time Tracking
  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Document Imaging

Unified Communications/IP Telephony/Network Design and Implementation

We can build a basic network for your business, or enhance what is already in place, so you can effectively share information with your employees, keep things running smoothly and centralize communications. A business network is the hub of your company’s communications – it enables everyone to connect to each other, to your customers and business partners, and to the internet.

You can count on us to reduce costly security threats by delivering comprehensive security, providing integrated protection, and securing your remote access. We offer a better way to work when we unify your communications by combining voice, data and video, which enables your team to communicate faster and better than ever before. Plus, wireless capabilities allow you and your employees to stay connected wherever you are.

Converging Small Business Networking and IP Telephony to Save Costs

Small business networking begins with a secure, reliable, fast data network foundation. Using technologies such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN) enables mobile employees and teleworkers to securely work at home, on the road, or at customers' offices. They have full, secure, remote access to your phone system, data network, customer database, and any other tools needed to be productive - just as if they were in the office.

With secure small business networking, you can input, update and view information about customers in a database. The database can be accessible using a computer, phone, or handheld device. Having constant, secure access to customer information helps workers better serve customers. Secure, flexible small business networking allows you to easily, cost-effectively add new applications, such as voice and video, when needed. Your business will be better positioned to keep ahead of competitors and offer new services to customers. The Cisco Unified Communications system of voice and IP Communications products and applications helps organizations communicate more effectively and increase profitability, by helping them streamline business processes and reach the right resource the first time.

Converging voice, data, and other applications on one network simplifies network installation and management. And a single network requires less physical square footage, power and infrastructure, and cooling, which helps maximize the value of expensive office space. A secure voice and data network foundation lets you check email, voicemail and faxes from one inbox. A single phone number will ring simultaneously on multiple devices, preventing callers from landing in voicemail other than when absolutely necessary.

Employees can hold impromptu meetings online with colleagues, partners, suppliers, and customers. Consolidating all your communications onto a single network saves companies an average of 46% in network costs, according to market research firm IDC. One secure network for voice, data, and wireless enables your employees to roam the sales floor, warehouse, office, or campus with their phones, so they're never out of touch. They can use their wireless phones to look up customer data, access the company directory and perform other tasks. When traveling, employees can use laptops to make and receive calls using your company's full phone system - just as they would if they were in the office.

From a financial standpoint, implementing a network with a single, primary vendor gives organizations a substantial advantage. Make sure your company sees the benefits too.