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October 2015 - Your Computer Network Is Being Haunted!

April 2010 - Time Saving Tech Tips

This month, worms and phishing are on the rise, attacking users' PCs, while Miscellaneous Trojans and rogue security software remained the most prevalent category.

This month, worms and phishing are on the rise, attacking users' PCs, while Miscellaneous Trojans & rogue security software remained the most prevalent category, according to a bi-yearly Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR). Download full report here.

As a business owner, there are two key messages that you should observe from this year's report about the entire threat landscape

(1) PCs experienced a sharp uptick in phishing attacks during the first half of 2009, driven by a significant increase in attacks delivered via social networking sites. Phishing attacks took a sharp upward spike in the spring, quadrupling in May and June, in part due to a campaign targeting social networks. And phishers continued to target a wider range of websites than in the past.

(2) In addition Microsoft's researchers noticed a 20% decline in rogue security software -- bogus antivirus software that claims to clean a users' system but instead is designed to scam users out of money, install malware or both. Rogue security software generally pesters users with pop-up alerts or ads, indicating that there is malware on their system even when there isn't. Users are compelled to then submit credit card information in exchange for fake antivirus software, which is typically ineffective at best and malicious at worst.

What does this mean for your business? Business owners and those responsible for computer security should pay special attention to the security trends in this report. If you are a ConnectedCare Managed Services client you have nothing to worry about these issues are constantly monitored for you.

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