Co-managed IT

IT support to help you prioritize internal resources

If your network is suffering from unreliable IT, and you and your team frustrated by continuous downtime and outages, Co-Managed IT could be the solution. Connected Technology’s StreamlineIT solution, powered by ConnectWise, gives you the power of cutting-edge IT automation software to enable you to overcome end-user difficulties and make your systems more productive - and more pleasant - to work with.

Co-Managed IT solutions from Connected Technology work by linking your IT service desk to ours. Your team can enter service requests for assistance with their technology either by opening a ticket or simply sending an email; once the ticket is opened, your internal IT team decide whether they can deal with the problem themselves or wishes to escalate it to us for prompt support.

Connected Technology’s Co-Managed IT solutions offer:

  • Control - you decide when you need our help and when you don’t
  • Ease - our system is designed for end-users and IT staff to navigate with ease
  • Productivity - you’ll save time by prioritizing support requests
  • Expertise - working with us lets you complement your own internal resources

Managing the demands of an internal IT network can be a challenge, even for technology pros. Being able to call on the years of experience of an outsourced partner like Connected Technology allows you to prioritize resources and focus on strategic planning. That’s exactly what StreamlineIT allows you to do.

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