Medical practices are increasingly being driven from paper-based systems to electronic records management. Patient records, examination notes, X-rays and drug details are all being stored digitally to provide more information to medical staff and ultimately better care to patients. Security, privacy and availability of these records are paramount.

Connected Technology provides networking, hardware, software and service solutions that help enhance and improve the security and quality measures for:

  • Private practices
  • Clinics
  • Physician groups
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Alternative medicine centers

As a solutions provider, we pride ourselves on taking the additional steps necessary to ensure you find the right solution for your medical practice or facility.

  • Document Imaging/Storage
  • Internet Consolidation
  • Backup/Disaster Recovery
  • IP Telephony
  • Wireless Communications Networks
  • Website Content Management

Working with our team ensures that your healthcare organization can benefit from technology while protecting the privacy and security of patient health information to meet HIPPA regulatory requirements.

Services for Healthcare Environments

Connected Technology provides a variety of technical services that constantly expand and evolve to fit the needs of the healthcare environment, whether it be a physician’s private practice, multiple practitioner offices or even a hospital network.

Services include local and wide area network topologies, internet and telephone systems, and deployment and maintenance of computer systems and peripherals, as well as technical support, internet filtering and storage. By utilizing Connected Technology’s document imaging systems, healthcare administrators can ensure the security and availability of patient records and other critical documents.

Medical practitioners can improve their practices with the following services provided by Connected Technology:

  • Wireless Networking
  • System Integration
  • Network Security and Privacy
  • IP Telephony Design
  • Storage Disaster Recovery
  • Document Imaging, Management and Archiving Solutions
  • Application Development
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Internet Services
  • Website Development and Hosting
  • Technology Workshops