Phone & Conference Solutions

High-class telephony at a fraction of the price

An ever-more globalized market means you need enterprise-level telephony solutions that allow you to keep up with the competition, but at prices that your small or medium-sized business can afford. VoIP installation from Connected Technology gives you just that, allowing you to reap the benefits of advanced communication techniques tailored to suit the unique situation and circumstances of your company.

Connected Technology’s VoIP solutions are:

  • Economical - allowing you to dramatically slash your phone bill
  • User-friendly - allowing you to eliminate pricey technician visits
  • Convenient - take your calls wherever you go
  • Flexible - with features including voicemail and auto-attendant

With VoIP solutions by Connected Technology on your side, you can enjoy enhanced communication techniques that enable you to stay in touch with colleagues, staff and suppliers, and to take your work with you wherever you need to. You’ll enhance productivity while slashing costs, and drive your business to new heights and greater profits.